Becoming a client is EASY!.... Just follow the 5 easy steps below. Don't click the link until you have read all 5 instructions. 


1/ FIRST go to the student sign up page. You can do this by clicking the green button below the instructions once you've read and understood the instructions. 


2/ Fill out as much of the form as you can (ensuring you use your school email address at the “email” question). 


3/ Then WRITE DOWN YOUR PASSWORD and hit the “Submit” button.


4/ You will then be taken to the "Enrol" page – choose the school you attend and the correct class and click “Enrol”. You will need the email and password you entered in the student sign up to be able to enrol. That's why we suggest you write it down.


5/ That's it.....ALL DONE!.... The enrolment process will send us an email advising your request to be enrolled and that request will be processed by the staff at Formula Student using the information you provided. We will check for eligibility and other checks based on the information provided. We will contact you on the email you provided if we have any concerns.


We look forward to seeing you in Formula High School class! Email us at if you have any problems or questions.

We suggest you read the Student Handbook for our policies and procedures prior to enrolment.

Kind regards

The team at Formula Student (RTO Code 41124)

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