Work ready Skills

Formula Student™ recognises the difficulties in gaining work ready skills using traditional methods of training where students are taught skills only without embedded and fundamental work ready skills.

A number of these skills are tacit knowledge, or knowledge that you have, but find it difficult to describe. By embedding and clustering real world workshop activities within our training programs, our students come out with not only manual skills, but a tacit understanding of what they will experience in future employment.

We train utilising component and sub-assembly job cards within our project based learning. Underpinning those job cards is a complex and robust assessment matrix that clusters a range of unit of competency elements to each job card so our students build competency over time through the clustering process.

Formula High School Program

At Formula Student™ we're passionate about learning and we recognise that learning needs to start at the earliest stage possible to give our future workforce a head start on their careers. Formula Student™ has developed the  Formula Student™ training program in Australia to not only deliver great learning outcomes but to excite our future workforce to want to learn. You could say they are " racing to learn ".


Learning at Formula Student

At Formula Student there is a focus on the student and not the Teacher. Our belief is we are there for the student to learn, not the teacher to teach. It's with this philosophy in mind that we strive to make any learning as realistic and industry focused as possible while keeping the learner engaged and inspiring them to go further. Our focus on Motorsport as a platform of learning is one way we achieve this, along with a less didactic teacher-centric environment and a more tactile learner-centric environment.