About Us

Formula Student is a training organisation whose philosophy is designed around the student, not the teacher.

With student-centric classes we are different from other training organisations whose philosphy revolves around teacher-centric programs. Our classes are based on learning while the others are based on teaching.

With this student-centric philosophy as the centrepiece of learning at Formula Student, we believe the student needs to have ownership in their progress and a clear understanding of not just how to do a task but why. On top of this, the learning needs to be relevant and/or useful. I know I don't like making token items that mean nothing and end up in the bin at the end of the class so why would others be inspired by this out-dated and irrelevant method of learning.

We use motorsport as a base for our learning. Students develop a paradigm of what the end result is early in the course and from there we create a learning pathway for the student to follow to achieve the outcomes expected.

While we use motorsport as a base, the course ISN'T ABOUT motorsport. What it IS ABOUT is engineering pathways. It's about skills and knowledge development. It's about developing a familiarity with the engineering discourse, from the language used, to the processes and methods. It's about students building an understanding of jobcards and two way communication. It's about building an understanding of quality assurance and how this is achieved. It's about learning through project work. It's about being a member of a team. It's about communicating with others in an informative and accurate way. And they do this by building a full size race car from scratch!!!....

It's really about the students, and their future employers. This page is called "about us", although it should be called "ABOUT THEM" !!