The event runs over two days.

Day 1 (Thursday 6th October 2022): Day 1 is a shake down day so teachers can check the reliability of vehicles the students built. Basic workshop equipment will be at the track such as welders and hand tools to carry out minor repairs.

Race-cars may be brought to the raceway on Thursday 6th October from 9:00am until 5.00pm. Vehicles and pit bays can be left overnight on the Thursday night as we have staff staying at the track to look after the equipment.

It is highly recommended that vehicles are brought to the track on Thursday as vehicles arriving at the track late on Friday will NOT be given preferential treatment to be scrutineered. Vehicles not scrutineered on the Thursday may be held up on the Friday due to overwhelming the staff with additional duties.

Day 2 (Friday 7th October 2022):Race day

Gates open at 7.00am. must be ready for scrutineering and competition by 7:30am on the Friday.

Scrutineering for those that couldn't arrive on the Thursday will be from 7.15am until 8.30am (time permitting). Drivers’ briefing at 8.45am sharp. All drivers must be at the drivers’ briefing. Students not attending the drivers’ briefing will not be allowed to compete in the event. A roll call will be taken.

All scutineered vehicles are to be in the staging lane reading to start engines and drive on track at 9:15am.

Time trials commencement time 9:30 am Sharp.

Expected completion time is between 3:30 pm and 4:00pm. This may be affected if the start time is affected or delayed.

The Canteen is generally open from mid-morning until mid-afternoon. It serves hot and cold food along with cold drinks, coffee, ice-creams etc. throughout the day.

Lakeside Park, Lakeside Rd, Kurwongbah QLD 4503

 The event is held on the main circuit


Competitors will need to purchase a RACERS event license. 

As an license is issued for the duration of an event, only one event license is required to be used on both days as required.

Drivers are only allowed on track if they hold an appropriate RACERS license. There are NO exceptions to this

The race licence can be obtained through

The track canteen will be open on the main circuit.

For a vehicle to be eligible to be entered in the event, the vehicle must be a Formula High School vehicle built by students undertaking a Certificate II in Engineering Pathways with Formula Student® in one of its participating Schools. The vehicle must have been built as per instruction by Formula Student® and be running only the components supplied by Formula Student®. Schools and students are not permitted to alter the design or to run alternative components such as wheels, tyres, brakes etc unless permitted by the management of Formula Student® and that permission is in writing. For a vehicle to enter and compete, the vehicle must run the body as supplied by Formula Student®. No other body shape, design or construction is allowed. The only modification to the designated body are listed as the following:

  • The aero duct section at the front of the body may be removed.
  • The rear middle section of the body may be removed for air flow.
  • The school is free to paint or wrap the body to suit their school colours or logos.
  • The school is free to affix sponsor logos as determined by the school.
  • Formula Student® may require Formula High School® program/series sponsor and Formula Student® logos to be affixed in designated areas of the bodywork. These are to be advised.

Note: All of these modifications must be approved by Formula Student® before modification.

Race vehicles must pass two levels of scrutineering prior to being allowed on the track:

  1. The vehicle must have passed a VISUAL inspection by a staff member of Formula Student® to determine workmanship and quality of work visually.
  2. The vehicle must be presented to scrutineering at the track on the Thursday of the race event and any issues that are identified must be rectified prior to being able to drive on the track. Vehicles that are not presented to scrutineering on Thursday will need to be presented to scrutineering on the Friday, however there may be a waiting time due to the staff undertaking race day activities and the scutineering may have to take place AFTRE the event starts. It's the schools responsibilty to arrive on time and schedule time to allow the vehicle to be presented to scrutineering on the Thursday if possible and ready to enter the track on the Friday. 

Formula Student®:

a) Pre-Race inspection. Formula Student®, in conjunction with the competing school will organise a time to carry out a pre-meeting inspection on the vehicle.

b) Provide bouffant caps to suit competitors. If a competitor believes the range of provided equipment will not fit in a safe manner then the responsibility of provision will fall on the competitor. Formula Student® will endeavour to provide a range of equipment that is likely to suit most competitors.

c) Provide a fire extinguisher. Cars must be fitted with the fire-extinguisher bracket provided by Formula Student®.

The School:

a) Pre-Race inspection: The school is responsible for organising a time for a member of Formula Student® to have access to the vehicle in its race ready state prior to the end of the course.

b) Transportation. The school is responsible for transportation of students to the track. This could be by school bus or parent transportation, however it is the responsibility of the school for student attendance. Attending the race event/competing in the event is not a compulsory component for students in completing their MEM20413 - Certificate II in Engineering Pathways.

c) The school is also responsible for transportation of its race car to the track.

d) The school is responsible for organisation and collection of any school excursion permission forms that it may require to be completed, and to advise Formula Student® of any student who has not been provided permission by the school to participate in the event.

The Student/s:

a) Presenting the race vehicle in a safe condition ready to compete at the track day.

b) Provide a completed inspection form as a team prior to track day scrutineering

c) Have completed the online Job Safety Analysis with reference to safety at the track and been deemed satisfactory prior to the race day.

d) Have completed the online driver training theory (to be provided by Formula Student®) and been deemed satisfactory prior to the race day.

e) Must wear suitable clothing (refer general safety on the website)

f) Participating individuals will be required to obtain a RACERS event/day license. Only drivers who have this license will be able to partake in the event as a driver. This includes teachers who drive a car.

1. Track Day is an extra-curricular activity and is not a right. Students must work towards the event over the duration of their Formula High School Course. It is not a given that all students will drive at Track Day.

2. Students must be enrolled in and actively participating in the Formula High School® Program 

3. Students must have permission from their School to attend the Track Day. Relevant School Excursion Forms must be completed and be approved by the School. The School must provide Formula Student® with a list of eligible students prior to the Track Day.

4. Schools and Formula Student® reserve the right to refuse permission for a student to attend and/or compete in the Track Day events.

5. Students must have had satisfactory attendance during their Certificate II Engineering Pathways study and not have had more than 3 minor Safety Breaches or 1 major Safety Breach during the period of the course. Formula Student® will advise the school in advance of the Track Day of students who are not eligible to participate.

Students are to wear all and any safety device, apparatus or clothing as directed by the organisers or Formula Student®. The following is to be supplied and worn by the student.

  • Fully covered in shoes and socks.
  • Long pants made from non-flammable material such as jeans
  • Long sleeve shirt made from non-flammable material.
  • Students/Schools must provide their own helmet so long as it is full-face and complies with AS1698.
  • Leather gloves.
  • Full face helmet and bouffant cap. No motocross or open face helmets. Visors MUST be down at all times while on the track
  • Students not wearing a full face helmet with visor down will not be allowed on track.

1. The direction of travel will be shown on a map. It is highly recommended that students arrive early and complete a track walk with their teacher/supervisor prior to the drivers briefing. Under no circumstances is a vehicle to be driven or pushed on the track in the opposite direction to racing.

2. Entrants must observe all and any directions given by track staff and/or officials of Formula Student®.

3. Any music/entertainment devices (e.g., MP3s, iPODs etc) that, in the opinion of race officials, may prevent riders from hearing other competitors warning devices, are not permitted.

4. All vehicle occupants shall wear a correctly adjusted seatbelt or harness when in a running vehicle regardless of whether the vehicle is on the track during practice and the event, or in the staging or pit area.

5. Students must be cognisant at all times that they are representatives of their respective school, and must behave at all times with the utmost integrity.

6. Team Managers are responsible for the satisfactory conduct of their team members regards track conduct and behaviour and observance of safety instructions.

7. Minor conduct, behaviour and safety breaches: Students who do not follow track conduct and behaviour, or safety instructions of a minor nature will be given ONE WARNING ONLY by officials. If a student continues to disobey track conduct, behaviour or safety instructions after a warning has been given, THE WHOLE TEAM WILL BE DISQUALIFIED FROM PARTICIPATION AND WILL BE INSTRUCTED TO LEAVE THE EVENT.

8. Major conduct, behaviour and safety breaches: if a student commits a major breach of track conduct, behaviour or safety instructions THE WHOLE TEAM WILL BE DISQUALIFIED FROM PARTICIPATION AND WILL BE INSTRUCTED TO LEAVE THE EVENT.

1. Roll Over Protection System: Formula Student Le Mans Prototype (LMP) vehicles have been designed and must be constructed with a roll over protection system (ROPS).

2. Side Impact Protection: Formula Student® Le Mans Prototype (LMP) vehicles have been designed with built in side impact protection compromising of a safety structure as part of the overall frame assembly. The side impact protection has additional support as it is designed to be integral with the ROPS.

3. Forward protection: Forward protection is designed into the vehicle utilising a design that has the driver’s feet location and pedal assembly behind the front axle line of the vehicle.

4. Shielding from Drive components: The driver’s compartment is to be fully panelled using mild steel and a fire shield manufactured from mild steel is to be in place between the driver’s compartment and the engine compartment. This panelling and shielding is to be utilised to prevent the driver from accessing either the engine and/or the drive train assemblies. Note: Panels may be removable for adjustment access and/or repairs to the drive train and engine components.

5. Fire extinguisher: Any vehicle where the engine is running must have a suitable fire extinguisher with the vehicle at all times – Formula Student® will provide a fire extinguisher and school cars must be fitted with the fire extinguisher bracket provided by Formula Student®. Any vehicle on track, either in a practise or competing time trial must have a fire extinguisher securely located within reach of the driver at all times. Teams found running a vehicle without the suitable fire extinguisher will be disqualified from the event.

6. Mirrors: While the circuit event will be conducted with one vehicle on the track at any one time, vehicles must be fitted with the supplied rear vision mirror in the correct position.

7. Refuelling: All vehicle refuelling must be carried out by a Formula Student® official or assigned official. Engines must be switched off and the kill switch removed prior to refuelling. No vehicle is allowed to be driven to or from the designated refuelling area. All vehicles must be pushed by a minimum number of team members both to and from refuelling. Team members MUST move away from the vehicle to a safe distance while refuelling operations are carried out. 

8. Inspection and Scrutineering:

  • All vehicles must have passed a pre-race day inspection by an official from Formula Student®.
  • Prior to practice, all vehicles shall pass scrutineering. Vehicle specifications, driver’s licenses
  • Vehicle specifications, driver’s licenses (License to Participate) and safety gear will be checked.
  • At the discretion of the race director, a vehicle may receive a safety clearance to practice prior to passing scrutineering.
  • Vehicles that fail scrutineering may, at the sole discretion of the Race Director, be allowed to compete in the event in a ‘demonstration’ capacity only. Such vehicles and teams will not be eligible for any of the event awards.
  • Vehicles that fail scrutineering due to safety issues will not be allowed to compete. Teams are allowed to carry out repairs or modifications prior to commencement of time trials to rectify any issues identified in scrutineering. Limited equipment and tools will be made available by Formula Student® for this purpose.

9. Start and Finish of time trials:

  • All team members must attend the pre-race briefing. Teams not represented at the briefing will not be allowed to race.
  • Starting order will be determined by Formula Student® and its representatives. The starting order may be influenced by safety gear availability and sizing as well as other factors.
  • Each team will assemble as directed by Formula Student® in line ready to run their time trial. 
  • The time trial for each vehicle will start by a method determined by Formula Student® prior to race day.
  • The completion of a time trial run is determined as the vehicle crosses a finish line and enters back into the staging area.
  • In the event of inclement weather or other factors, the Race Director may at their discretion shorten the event. The winner will be the team that has completed the lowest averaged time when the race is stopped.
  • Penalty: Five seconds will be added to the team lap average for each instance of a driver deviating from the ashphalt. Total penalty points for each team will be deducted as per the following point.
The event is organised and run by Formula Student®, plus volunteers from local service clubs and organisations. The event is run under motorsport sanctioning and insurance from Recreational And Competitive Events Resources and Services (RACERS). The venue is a purpose built facility for the conduct of Motor Sport events, namely Lakeside Park, Lakeside Raceway, Kurwongbah QLD 4503. The Insurer is QBE Insurance (Australia) Ltd; Policy number AS A036028 PAD Further information on insurance can be found at


EQUIPMENT – Formula Student® Le Mans Prototype Vehicles (LMPs) are designed and constructed to a set design. The vehicles are both inspected upon completion prior to the event and scrutineered on the day of the event prior to competing in the time trials to identify any concerns with construction. All safety features of both the vehicle and driver apparel are designed to minimise physical harm should a racing accident occur.

ENVIRONMENT – The Formula High School® event is held at a purpose built race facility. The environment is closed to the general public other than those entering the facility for the purpose of competing in or spectating of the event.

RISKS - The highest risk is when vehicles are being driven to and from the pit area to the staging area where pedestrians may traverse.

Control Measures:

Marshals will be in place to make sure vehicles are only operated in these areas at a low speed and with stop and go signage to allow safe passage of pedestrians.

Vehicles are built to stringent rules and provide a high degree of safety even in the event of frontal or side collision. Suitable control measures are in place such as only one vehicle on the track at any one time and competitors are required to wear a 6 point harness, full face helmet and a Roll Over Protection System (ROPS). In addition to this, the drive-chain is geared for low-speed and is fit for purpose.

Fatigue and heat may lead to heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Competitors are reminded to rehydrate and rest at regular intervals.

  • Lakeside Raceway first-aid officers will be at the track during all periods of competition.
  • Prior to racing, staff will brief all drivers regarding the importance of safety, respect, hydration, nutrition and rest.
  • Only Formula High school vehicles that have been constructed to the rules and have passed scrutiny will be allowed to compete.
  • Students will be required to complete a license test of the race rules and will have displayed competency in understanding the functions of the car controls before they can race.
  • Students must have permission not only from the school but also from parents to participate in the event.
  • The race will be conducted as per the guidelines set out in the rules and regulations handbook.
  • Marshals (adult volunteers) will be posted around the track to control the race.
  • Designated pit areas will be allocated for Driver changes.
  • A registered teacher or parent will manage each school team and be given the title of “Team Manager”. The school is to advise Formula Student of the name of the team manager prior to the event.
  • The team manager should determine the students’ capabilities in this activity.
  • The team manager should ensure each student understands the hazards and the safety rules associated with the event.
  • Each school will be participating only with their principal’s approval.  Formula Student will only discuss concerns with the team manager. Individual students need to liaise with their team manager.
  • Track Day is a “fun event” (there are no sheep stations at stake!) – students and other attendees are expected to attend and participate in the spirit of the day.

Each team will be competing for the following awards:

Best presented car

Best presented crew

Team Time Trial winner



0421 751619 (Belinda Richardson)


0412 343254 (Greig Frankham)

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